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Palo Santo Mirrh & Copal Incense Blend 2 Cylinder Chunks


2 Cylinder Shape Chunks of all natural Handmade Palo Santo, Mirrh and Copal Blend Mix Ceremonial Incense. Handcrafted by local artisans in Peru using only natural Palo Santo Powder, Mirrh and Copal Resins from the Amazon Rainforest.


One chunk will last about 30-40 minutes to burn so its recommended to burn during spiritual rituals and ceremonies that required lots of smoke and constant aroma.

Use in its own or to ignite and burn resins, herbs or powder incenses as charcoal is used. For purifying, cleansing and protecting group rituals.


Sustainably handcrafted in Peru / Palo Santo, Mirrh, Copal Incense / Charcoal 2 Cylinder shape Chunks, 50g approx.

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