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Dragon's Blood Day/Night Anti-ageing Cream 30ml Amazonian Natural

$34.00 $50.00

Original 100% real Amazonian Natural Dragon's Blood Day/Night Restoring Creams 30ml Each Made in Peru with authentic Dragon's Blood Sap Resin. Made from the amazing Anti-Ageing 100 % Natural Sap. Dragon's Blood resin is a sap from the Croton Lechleri tree that only grows in the Amazon Rainforest. It firms, protects, soothes & repairs the skin and is rich in Anti-Oxidants whilst defines facial contours and lifts the skin. Active ingredients in the resin forms a unique 'second skin' barrier to protect & firm skin and also defends against external pollutants and impurities to create even skin tone and a refreshed glow. Long used in traditional medicine by native people in the Amazon Rainforest, both internally and externally, this powerful and unique product has only recently been introduced into the western world. Manufactured in Peru for your convenience and easy to apply day and night skin care cream. Croton Lechleri Cream / Peru 30g

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