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Mesa Shipibo Ritual Tapestry Altar Prayer 150x130cm


Our Beautiful textiles are hand-woven by The Shipibo People in the Peruvian Amazon. Only natural indigenous plant dyes are used and usually is done during Mother Medicine Plant Vision Ceremonies. The art they produce is a reflection of their visions during the sacred ceremonies, A lot of love, focus and good intention goes into every stitch, therefore each work is unique to each artist.


Large size 150 X 130 cm aprox.


This unique handmade beautiful Shipibo Altar Tapestry carries the icaros (sacred songs) vibration that is sung specifically during Ayahuasca Ceremony. The icaros invoke the healing and cleansing effects of the Mother Medicine. It cleanses from bad luck and negative energies and can assist to bring more protection and good luck. A beautiful, unique art, powerful altar piece and ceremonial tool for any healer. Makes a must to have sacred altar part, infused with the energy and medicine of the Shipibo shamans, Medicine Plants and Mother Earth. It holds a beautiful vibration for healing, spiritual connection and creation of a sacred space.

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